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Our Tips for the First-time Home Seller

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Most people’s experience with real estate comes from buying their first home. When the time comes to sell that home for an upgrade or lifestyle change, many are uncertain on how to move forward. If you find yourself needing some help, here are some quick tips to get you through your first sale:

Hire an Agent

If you’re looking to sell your house at the best price possible, hiring an agent is definitely the right way to go. We have expert knowledge about the market, the neighborhood, and negotiations that will be of much value to you when it comes to selling your home. Walker Real Estate Group will share feedback from past clients, explain our procedures and develop a marketing plan to get you sold.

Get the Price Right

We can advise you on the correct way to price your house. It’s important to compare prices from similar properties and neighborhoods to gauge the correct one for your home. Overpricing is never a good idea because it can cause a house to stay on the market longer than necessary. Slashing the price of a home after you’ve priced it will also raise major red flags to potential buyers.

Think About the Curb Appeal

Harsh as it may be, the truth is that homebuyers immediately judge a house by the way it looks from the outside. The way your house looks from the street is the first thing buyers notice and it will probably be the first picture that shows up in an online search. Making the exterior of your home appealing could be as easy as keeping the lawn clear of clutter and putting some flowers in the entryway. The important thing is to make the outside of the house as appealing as the inside.

Stage Your Home

With so many homes for sale in Chicago, you have to make yours stand out. A great way to do that is to stage it. When staging a home, it’s important to remember that you’re doing it to make it more appealing to your buyers; we can help you rearrange your furniture or you can rent furniture to give your home the kind of atmosphere buyers in the area are looking for. It’s also important to give each room or area a definite personality — every space should have a purpose. Extra touches like fresh flowers on vases and baked cookies can also help in the staging of your home.


The less personal items there are in the home you’re trying to sell, the easier it is for potential buyers to envision their life there. Remember: you’re not just selling a house but a lifestyle. It’s best to put away family photos, toys, and things that have family members’ names on them to make it less personal. You’re not showing your home as it is, but what it could be for its future inhabitants.

Get Unattached

If you’re selling your first home, it’s only natural to be attached to it. But once you’re ready to sell, you have to be open to criticism on everything from the wallpaper to the decorations. Keep an open mind when getting feedback about how to change or improve your home during showings. Not taking every comment to heart makes the process of selling your home easier and helps you in keeping your sanity in check.

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