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Why Choose Us?

Why Work with Walker Real Estate Group

Working with us is one of the best decisions you’ll make when buying or selling a home. We have deep connections in Chicago neighborhoods.

1. Convenience

We serve as a liaison between buyer and seller. For instance, if you’re looking to buy a home, we will listen to your needs and find listings that match your criteria. We can filter out the duds more effectively based on your requirements.

If you’re selling a home, we can help you attract the right buyers and sell your home at a high price.

2. Better access

Many luxury listings tend to be off-market listings. Meaning, they are not publicly advertised in order to protect the seller’s privacy. Most of the time, sellers and their agents will reach out to potential buyers through other luxury brokers to find a buyer.

Working with us who have deep connections in Chicago’s neighborhoods will give you access to these
exclusive listings. We can help you set an appointment and view the home. Doing so lets you cast a wider net, increasing your chances of finding the perfect home.

3. Strong Negotiations

We know how to negotiate from a vantage point that a consumer doesn’t have. With our vast access to seller
information, transaction history, financial information and an ability to network with other professionals, we can present a stronger offer based upon facts and knowledge.

4. Protection

We protect our clients’ interests throughout the transaction. Working with us aligns you with an expert who observes a strict code of ethics. This means we are obliged to follow strict rules that have been put in place to protect your position.

We can help you ensure all conditions of your contract are met and assist you in fulfilling your end of the contract, helping you every step of the way.

5. Legal documentation

There’s a large amount of legal documentation that goes on in real estate processes. If you approach the transaction without us, you run the risk of falling short of coming up with all the necessary paperwork. Walker Real Estate Group has a flawless command of every legal document needed to move the transaction forward. This saves you a great deal of worry, making the transaction less stressful.

6. Peace of mind

Having peace of mind is priceless, especially when it comes to real estate transactions. The buying and selling process could take weeks or months to complete, and you’ll need our professional guidance during this protracted period.